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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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access provider
(ISP or Internet service provider) A private company that provides customers access to the Internet in exchange for a fee, though some companies are now offering this service for free.

access time
the time necessary for a memory device to deliver data to the CPU. see CPU, DRAM, SRAM.

to transfer a file from an analog source such as a scanner. see import.

Adobe software for reading and creating PDF files. Acrobat Reader (free software from Adobe) allows the user to print and view PDF files created in many different formats. see Adobe Acrobat, PDF.

to choose a window in which you want to work.

1. items currently shown on a display monitor or an application in use on a computer.
2. the program currently running on a computer.

Active Directory
an advanced, hierarchical directory service that comes with Windows 2000 servers. It is LDAP compliant and built on the Internet's Domain Naming System (DNS). Workgroups are given domain names, just like Web sites, and any LDAP-compliant client (Windows, Mac, Unix, etc.) can gain access to it.

active matrix
a type of flat-panel liquid crystal display (LCD) that delivers better clarity and contrast than the passive-matrix display.

ad banner
an advertisement, usually displayed in a rectangular box, that contains a hyperlink pointing to the advertiser’s Web page or buffer page. Ad banners are the most common method of advertising on the World Wide Web. Costs can run anywhere from free, to upwards of $100,000 per month depending on the popularity of the host site and the number of page impressions the particular page containing the banner receives.

ad server
a type of server that manages and maintains ad banners for a Website or a group of Websites. These programs are capable of keeping track of and reporting Website usage statistics. Ad servers also provide the ability to rotate banners so a user won’t see the same ad every time she visits the page.

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