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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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Caps Lock
a key on the left side of the keyboard that, when pressed allows a user to type in caps without depressing the Shift key. When finished, press it again to deactivate it.

1. to save a graphic image as a bitmap.
2. in the Windows environment, to transfer an item to the clipboard. see screen capture.

carbon copy
a copy of an outgoing email saved by the sender. see Cc.

a printed circuit board that adds additional features to a computer such as video or audio. A card is usually easy to install both internally or externally because of its ability to be plugged in.

1. an arrangement of overlapping windows displayed on a computer monitor.
2. the replies in response to a message in a public forum such as a message board.

(Computer Aided Software Engineering) the use of computers to help with the development of software.

short for nutcase. A regional slang expression for the “Randy” factor. In the Northeast, “Randy” (last name unknown) was an early pioneer in hacking.

case sensitive
to distinguish between capital letters (UPPERCASE) and small letters (lowercase). Many Internet logon keys, codes, and passwords are case sensitive and must be entered properly or the user will be denied access. For example, ABC would be different than abc.

Cat 5
see Category 5 cable

Cat 5e
cable is an enhanced version of Cat 5 for use with 1000BASE-T (gigabit) networks, or for long-distance 100 Base-T links (350 m, compared with 100 m for Cat 5). It must meet the EIA/TIA 568A-5 specification.

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