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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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a computerized filing system. Organized information stored so that a computer may have fast access to specific sections. For example, a large database might contain all corporations registered in the state of California. Another database might contain information on the buying habits of married couples between the ages of 25 and 35.

database management
sometimes called database warehousing, a system for the smooth and efficient entering, storage, and retrieving of data so access to the information is gained by one of several methods. For example, a credit card company is able to access your account by entering your last name, your social security number, your birth date, maiden name, or actual account number. Database management is an industry unto itself under the even larger umbrella of information technology. There are a number of elaborate software systems available for the management of databases of all sizes.

dead link
a Web page that no longer exists, prompting an error message. A dead link may be the result of a Website that has ended operations or moved.

an occurrence where two computer processes are waiting for the other to finish, keeping each from proceeding.

to locate and remove errors from a computer program.

to transfer encoded or encrypted data to its original readable form.

see decode.

designated for only one use. For example, a telephone line in an office may be dedicated only for use by a fax machine or a single network computer.

dedicated host
a Web server that stores and delivers the documents that make up a single Website. A dedicated host is the opposite of a virtual host, which refers to a server that stores and delivers the Web pages of many sites. Dedicated hosting helps to ensure that a Website will always be available to users because its server has the sole purpose of maintaining and delivering one and not many sites.

a setting automatically assumed by computer hardware or a software application with regard to various operating functions. For example, when starting, a word processing program defaults to certain margins, spacing, and fonts set by the program’s developer. Many default settings in both hardware and software can be changed to suit the user’s specifications.

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