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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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a free UNIX mailing list program that allows a user to deliver mass email (called opt-in mail) to users who have requested particular information.

(Messaging Application Programming Interface) a Microsoft email management system that allows different email applications to work in harmony and distribute mail.

the space surrounding a body of text in a word processing document. A user can easily set the margins for documents before each use or use the default settings of the application.

usually a line of scrolling text created with Dynamic HTML and Java applets displayed on a Web page. Some Web browsers will not support scrolling text.

in graphics, drawing, and paint programs the term takes on different meanings. In a draw program it means to partially obscure the view of an image by hiding it behind a hole or opening. In a paint program it is the isolation of an area so it cannot accept other images.

in Macintosh and Windows operating systems, as well as many software programs, a button found in the upper right hand corner of the screen (in most cases, but not always) that, when the user places the mouse cursor on it and clicks, it enlarges the current window to fit the entire screen.

abbreviation for megabyte.

a virtual network that is layered on top of portions of the physical Internet to support routing of IP multicast packets because that function has not yet been integrated into many production routers. The network is composed of islands that can directly support IP multicast, such as multicast LANs like Ethernet, linked by virtual point-to-point links called “tunnels.” The tunnel endpoints are typically workstation-class machines having operating system support for IP multicast and running the “mrouted” multicast routing daemon.

when written with a lowercase b, short for Megabits per second.

when written with an uppercase B, short for MegaBytes per second.

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