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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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when written with upper case N, short for Internet. When written with lower case n, .net is the suffix for a domain name or an email address such as

net guru
sometimes referred to as net god, or net personality, an individual who has been on the Internet for a long time, is recognized in many public and private chat or message forums, and who’s opinion is highly regarded.

Net Nanny
software designed to keep children from accessing undesirable Websites such as pornography or violence-oriented destinations.

Net PC
a computer designed by Intel and Microsoft with the intention of providing users with a low cost machine whose sole purpose is navigating the World Wide Web. As the cost of PCs continues to decline, the idea seems to have lost momentum.

net police
sometimes called a den mother, an individual who takes it upon himself to enforce the unwritten rules of a chat or message forum, often using his own standards, while continuously reminding others of those standards.

the combination of the words net and etiquette, the term refers to the unofficial standards of good behavior on the Internet. Acceptable online behavior was established, for the most part, in newsgroups and online communication forums, and has become the adopted protocol. For example, it is bad netiquette to post a message using all uppercase letters (caps) because that is considered shouting and it’s hard to read. Other violations of netiquette include, blatant posting of commercial messages, using foul and abusive language, and posting messages that are not related to the topic of the forum. Enforcement and consequences for violators of netiquette is handled by other users and might include some form of admonishment such as flaming or simply ignoring the culprit.

slang expression for an inhabitant of cyberspace or the Internet.

Netscape Communications Corporation
founded by James H. Clark and Marc Andreesen in 1994 and located in Mountainview, California, the company is a leading provider of open software that links people and information over the Internet and intranets. Netscape offers a full line of client and server software, development tools, and commercial applications to create a complete platform for next-generation, live online applications.

Netscape Navigator
a popular Web browser formerly called Mozilla and developed by Netscape Communications Corporation. It is widely felt that the introduction of Netscape Navigator helped to bring the Internet to the masses.

two or more computers linked together for the purpose of communicating with each other.

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