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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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option key
a key on the Macintosh keyboard that changes the functions of other keys. The Mac’s option key is similar to the Shift or Alt key.

Oracle Corporation
based in Redwood California, a leading supplier of software for information management that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes computer software that helps corporations manage and grow their businesses. The company’s software products can be categorized into two broad categories, systems software and business applications software.

in word processing and publishing, the last line of a paragraph appearing on the first line of a page. Some applications adjust for this. Orphan is synonymous with widow.

see operating system.

a Microsoft operating system developed in the 1980s that is compatible with DOS and Windows programs. OS2 applications however, will not run on Windows or DOS. Originally, the development of OS2 was a joint venture between IBM and Microsoft. It is now a sole product of IBM.

data resulting from the operation of a computer. Output may be displayed on a monitor, printed, stored on a disk, or played on loudspeakers.

output device
any computer hardware that facilitates the interpretation of computer data. Display monitors, speakers and printers are output devices.

to enter new data onto a disk, replacing the information previously stored there.

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