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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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scalable font
sometimes called object-oriented or outline fonts, a versatile font available in graphics oriented language such as TrueType or Postscript that can be used to print characters of high resolution and of any size.

also called sizing, to change the size of a graphical image without distorting its shape. Most vector oriented graphics programs allow for scaling by selecting the image and dragging a corner handle diagonally.

to convert pictures, text or images into digital data by running them through a scanner. see optical scanner.

a DOS and Windows diagnostic program that searches for hard disk errors. see Defrag.

see optical scanner.

short for display screen.

screen capture
to copy the image currently displayed on the screen to the clipboard for use in another file or document, or to print. In Windows, pressing the Print-Screen key saves the screen’s contents to the clipboard. Holding the Alt key while pressing Print Screen captures only the active contents of the screen. In Macintosh, holding down Command and Shift while pressing 3 places a bitmap screen image in the root directory under PICT.

screen saver
a program that displays an animated picture or pattern when the computer has not received input from the keyboard for a specified period. Screen savers were originally used to prevent “screen burn” or ghosting, a condition that caused the screen’s inner coating to wear from images or text that was constantly present. Modern display screens are no longer subject to this condition, yet the screen saver has retained it’s popularity. Many interesting and unusual screen saver patterns are included in both Macintosh and Windows operating systems as well on thousands of Websites for free downloading.

screen shot
see screen capture.

1. a font type that resembles handwriting.
2. a simple programming language.
3. refers to programs written in Applescript and Hypercard by Apple.

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