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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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any software or hardware that allows for easy operation by a user. Operating systems using graphical user interface features such as menus, buttons, onscreen clickable items, and a mouse all contribute to the degree of user-friendliness of home computers.

a name that allows a user access to a computer, network, or message forum. When logging onto a computer or network it is often necessary to enter a username and password. The username might be a proper name like Chester, or a nickname such as sluggo. The username may or may not be case sensitive. If case sensitive, it must be typed exactly as it was originally given. For example, Sluggo is different than sluggo.

a program that helps manage an operating system or other application. Virus scans and data recover programs are utility software.

a UNIX utility program used to convert binary files into ASCII for the purpose of posting to a newsgroup or sending email attachments.

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