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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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(Video Gateway Array or Video Graphics Array) video monitor technology developed by IBM that provides for a maximum resolution of graphical images of 640 x 480 pixels with 16 colors. For text, VGA provides a resolution of 720 x 400 pixels. see SVGA.

the transmission of moving pictures or animation to a monitor or television. In a broader sense, any text or images transmitted from a computer and displayed on a display monitor or television. Video images may be broadcast live, filmed, or video-recorded and stored on tape or disk.

video adapter
sometimes called video card, a plug-in circuit board that gives a computer video display capabilities. The ability of a computer to produce video will depend not only on the adapter but the monitor as well. Most video cards contain some memory so the computer’s RAM is not called upon to store images. A video adapter allows the computer to display both text and graphics. Some also offer the user a choice of resolutions.

video capture
refers to a device that converts analog video signals to digital and stores them on a hard disk.

video card
see video adapter.

video conferencing
using a computer, video camera, and network such as the Internet, to conduct a live conference between two or more people. Video conferencing is an extremely useful method of communication because it saves people the time and expense of travel and can often accomplish many of the things a physical meeting can. A two-person videoconference is known as point-to-point, while more than two people involved in a session is a multipoint conference. Until recently, video conferencing was prohibitive due to the costs of the equipment required, however, hardware costs have become more affordable within the recent past.

video memory
the memory found in a video adapter that stores images as bitmaps before they are sent to the display monitor. Because displaying video images requires a great deal of computing speed and memory, the video adapter is equipped to handle this function rather than relying on the computer’s CPU. There are several types of video memory such as VRAM and WRAM.

video mode
the setting of a video adapter. The mode will be set to either video, for displaying images or to text for displaying ASCII characters.

a program whose primary purpose is for the display of graphic files.

viral marketing
refers to the promotion of products through word of mouth and email. Viral marketing, however, is not related to spamming, but to small groups of people sharing exciting information via email. For example, the popular movie The Blair Witch Project was a success due to the buzz created over the Website and the upcoming movie, months in advance of its release.

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