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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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Web browser
see browser.

Web developer
an individual who creates the layout of a Website. Among the considerations for developing a commercial site would be, ensuring the merchant can accept payment online, logical links to products, and easy navigation through the purchasing process. A Web developer is sometimes referred to as a websmith.

Web page
a document posted on the World Wide Web containing a URL. A user may call up a Web page by typing the URL into the address field of a Web browser.

Web page design
the creation of Web pages for individuals and companies wanting a presence on the World Wide Web. Web design incorporates the knowledge of how users access particular types of information, and delivers it that way. For example, people are likely to return to a site repeatedly if valuable information is offered and updated daily or more frequently. Additionally, ease of navigation and wise use of graphics come into play. As businesses scramble to establish a presence on the Web, good site designers are very much in demand and command healthy salaries.

Web server
a computer, usually maintained by a for-profit company, that stores and delivers Web pages for clients. Almost any computer can be made to function as a Web server with the proper software and hard disk capacity.

the use of the Internet to broadcast information. Webcasting utilizes push technology, meaning, the information is sent out indiscriminately, sometimes without the user requesting it. see push.

a popular Internet search engine operated by America Online.

an individual who maintains Web pages. The webmaster’s duties might include creating a site, updating pages, maintaining the hardware to keep a site operational, responding to user inquires, fulfilling orders on a commercial site, and monitoring site traffic using specific software designed to count hits, and impressions. For especially large Websites, a webmaster might employ a team of assistants. A webmaster might also be called a websmith, webmistress, or Web guru.

a group of Websites with a common theme, configured in a loop, allowing a surfer easy access to subsequent sites in the ring by clicking on links. Some rings only allow users to access the next member in the ring or the previous member, thus maintaining the integrity of the ring concept. Others allow users to jump to the site of any member in no particular order. Many Webrings maintain standards for members so a user can expect a certain degree of uniformity and quality when visiting a member site. There is power in Webrings because a visitor with an interest in the ring’s theme is likely to visit many or all of the sites in the ring.

a Web page, usually associated with a group of related pages, connected by hyperlinks, located on the World Wide Web. A Website may exist for a number of reasons. It is possible for an individual to put up a site that displays family photos for the world to see. The many branches of government maintain Websites to allow citizens easy access to information and services. There are sites for users to play games, view cartoons, and access information of all types. Perhaps the most common of all Websites is the commercial site. Here users from all over the world can purchase a wide variety of goods and services from home and pay using a credit card or some other method of online cash transfer.

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