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Small Business Package - 5 hours / month (mc052003)

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Category : Maintenance Contracts: starting at $300 / month
Category : Network Design & Maintenance
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Designed for small businesses that require very minimal ongoing support for their computer infrastructure but would like peace of mind in knowing that the day-to-day operation of their server is being monitored to ensure it stays error-free.


Maintenance Service* for up to 5 workstations and 1 server includes:

  1. 5 hours per month (additional hours may be purchased at the lower hourly rate**)
  2. Fast & prompt solutions
  3. One and/or several following services performed on-site or off-site:

    • Computer Maintenance, Service, Repair, Upgrade
    • System Installation, Configuration, Integration, Backup
    • Software Installation, Training
    • Network Support

  * Does not include parts, hardware and/or software.
** Payment must be made each month, in advance.


  1. Lower hourly rate than non-contract rate.
  2. Rate lock-in for hours that exceed number of hours in contract.
  3. Convenience of having an IT staff member without having to pay employee benefits.

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