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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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a program similar to a word processing application that allows a user to create or modify text files.

(Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM) a rewritable memory chip that holds its content without power. EEPROMs have a lifespan of between 10K and 100K write cycles, which is considerably greater than the E-PROMs that preceded them.

effector key
a key, such as the Shift key, that when pressed, changes the function of another key.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
(EFF) a non-profit, non-partisan, San Francisco based organization founded in 1980 working in the public interest to protect privacy and freedom of expression in the area of computers and the Internet.

electronic mall
a virtual shopping mall where the user may browse and shop online. Many Internet business opportunities offered by various promoters allow entrepreneurs the chance to purchase a storefront, which is the entrepreneur’s exclusive entry to an electronic mall. Under this plan, many individual storefront owners have an entry to the same mall. Using this business model, it is the storefront owner’s responsibility to promote the site and drive shoppers to the mall. For online shoppers, using a mall may offer the ultimate in shop-at-home convenience, however, as with any other shopping experience, evaluating a wide range of goods, services, and prices is wise.

electronic publishing
providing a wide range of information in electronic form delivered via Website, email, or one of the many public forums such as bulletin boards and chat rooms.

elevator bar
an onscreen scroll bar located on either side of a window frame or on the bottom of the frame that allows a user to view the part of the document too large to display otherwise. The bar is activated by placing the mouse cursor on it and clicking. This moves the page either up and down or from side to side. The same function may be accomplished by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. see scroll bar.

a popular home computer retailer that sells high-quality, low-priced personal computers, to develop ongoing Internet-based consumer relationships.

(e-mail) short for electronic mail. The transmission of messages both personal and commercial using a special program over a network. Email is an easy, convenient, and virtually free (at present) way to communicate using a computer within a business environment, across town, or around the world. Messages may be read immediately upon receipt, saved, or printed. The term email can be used either as a noun as in, “I received an email from the president today,” or as a verb, “I’ll email her tonight and set up a time for our meeting.” There is some discussion as to the proper spelling of the word, but email, without the dash, seems to be emerging as the more common choice. Email, along with other online communication forums has prompted the development of many clever abbreviations and acronyms.

see email.

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