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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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email address
distinguished from a domain name by the at sign @, a name that identifies an electronic mail recipient such as

embedded command
a pre-programmed sequence of characters within a document that causes the document to display and consequently print out in a particular way.

embedded font
a type style that is included within a file to ensure that the printer has the proper resources available when the time comes to reproduce the document.

embedded object
an object included in a file that was created using a different software application, yet still has a link to the authoring software.

embedded system
a microprocessor that functions independently of a computer. Automobiles, telephone equipment, satellites and a number of everyday appliances contain embedded systems that perform important functions for the device. For example, an automobile’s imbedded microchip might be responsible for letting the owner know when routine maintenance is due.

(icon representing emotion) sometimes called smileys, a series of keyboard punctuation characters that create smiling faces, sad faces, winking faces, etc. Emoticons are used in email and on bulletin and chat boards to express particular emotions. These are a few: :-) :-( ;-) :-O

the resources of a program or a device to imitate another program or device. Often, lesser-known printers are designed to emulate some of the more common printers so they can share drivers.

one of many methods of securing data by encoding information so that it is only able to be read by the individuals or computers it was intended for. Usually a keyword or passcode is necessary to access the data.

End key
a keyboard key that has different functions depending on the program running. For example, in some word processing programs pressing the Ctrl-End keys provides a shortcut to the end of the document.

end user
the individual or company intended as the ultimate user of a computer or software product.

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