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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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hard copy
an actual printed paper copy of a computer document. A soft copy exists only on a computer monitor.

hard disk
a magnetic data storage platter made from aluminum and coated with iron oxide used for saving computer data. The hard disk or hard drive usually refers to the main or permanent storage device of a computer. In the early days of personal computers, a typical hard disk stored 10 megabytes. It seems that modern computers have an almost unlimited capacity for data storage with hard disks now able to store up to 50 gigabytes of data and more in some cases.

hard drive
see disk drive.

virtually any computer component or related device that isn’t regarded as data or software. The display monitor, keyboard, connecting cables, optical scanner, printer, modem, sound card, the actual box containing the computer circuitry, and any other tangible computer component is considered hardware.

1. built in computer components that cannot easily be altered.
2. online copy that remains the same whenever a particular Web page is viewed.

Hayes compatible
an industry standard among modems and products using command language developed by Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. known as AT command set. Virtually all modems manufactured today are Hayes compatible.

the component of a disk drive that reads and writes data to a magnetic disk or tape. Double-sided disks drives have two heads.

head crash
a serious disk drive failure where, in most cases, the head comes in contact with the disk. In normal operation the head floats an almost immeasurable distance above the disk. If dust or dirt becomes lodged in this space it can cause a loss of data and permanent damage to the disk. Disk replacement is the only cure for such a disaster. Particles as small as cigarette smoke molecules have been known to cause a head crash.

1. the first lines of a page in a word processing document.
2. the top portion of an email message containing the address of the sender, recipient and the subject of the message.
3. the top portion of a Web page containing the title.

a block of data storage space allocated to a programmer for writing a program or a specific program function.

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