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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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in addition to the manual provided with most software, there also exists an onscreen help button designed to assist the user with questions or problems encountered while operating the program. Activating the help button presents the user with several help options such as an index of help topics, an explanation of what the user can expect from the program, and a menu containing detailed instructions for many of the program’s functions.

a worldwide provider of computing and imaging solutions and services for business and the home. HPs major businesses include Imaging and Printing Systems, Computing Systems and Information Technology Services (IT Services).

hidden files
files not listed in the directory or easily accessible to users in operating systems. Files vital to the operation of a system are hidden so a user will not accidentally alter or delete them.

a system of organization similar to the chain of command in the military where the root of the hierarchy is the primary element in the system. Using the military example, the President is the leader of all of the armed forces, followed by the head of the joint chiefs of staff, then the top generals and admirals in the various branches of the military, etc. A similar system is used in categorizing the data contained on a computer, beginning with a computer’s root directories, then subdirectories, folders, and files.

high density disk
a floppy disk of high quality that is able to hold 1.44MB (megabytes) of data and can only be used in high density diskette drives.

a folder included as part of a Web browser that shows a user the Websites that have been visited. For example, on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the history file may be accessed by first clicking View on the menu bar, then select Explore Bar, and finally, History. This will display the recently viewed Web pages. The user can set the number of days a Website’s URL will stay in the history file.

the request from a browser for a Web page and the delivery of that page by a Web server. Strictly speaking, individual components of a page such as an isolated graphic, and a block of text are each considered a hit. Therefore, a page containing three pictures would be counted as at least three hits. Hits are used to determine the volume of traffic a Website receives. see impressions.

Home key
a special keyboard key that returns the cursor to the upper left portion of the screen, but could have a different function depending on the program running.

home page
1. the primary page in a Website. The home page usually contains a summary of the contents of the site along with the site’s features and provides hyperlinks to them.
2. sometimes simply called Home, the Web page set in a browser as the page that first appears when the user logs on to the Internet.

any computer on a network that provides services to other computers with access to the network. A Web host for example, provides the means for a server to store and deliver it’s clients Web pages to users of the Internet. Host services of many types are provided for a fee.

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