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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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see FireWire

illegal operation
in Windows, a message box that appears telling the user that the program running has attempted to perform a function it is unable to execute for any number of reasons. Usually it refers to a function related to an error in programming.

a colorful and stylish computer by Apple that offers users features such as easy Internet access with a choice of browsers, the ability to play MP3 files, QuickTime4 for digital video and streaming media, and in some models, a DVD player. Apple’s comparable notebook computer is the iBook.

image map
an image on a Web page that contains a number of hyperlinks. For example, a Website devoted to the study of human anatomy might display a picture of the human body. Directing the mouse cursor over the head and clicking could bring the user to a page that showed the brain, along with text describing the brain’s functions. Clicking on the heart might bring him to a page describing heart functions, and so on.

image processing
the manipulation and alteration of images using computer software such as Adobe PhotoShop.

the use of a file in a particular application that was created using a format other than that of the destination application. For example, some programs allow graphics to be imported using several different formats such as jpeg and tiff.

the number of times an entire Web page is viewed. Impressions are counted to determine the number of visits to the site. Some Webmasters are interested in more information than simply the number of viewings. Because they are measuring the effectiveness of certain types of advertising, the path a user takes to arrive at a Web page is important, such as arriving as a result of clicking a banner ad, or finding his way from a particular search engine.

1. a list, usually alphabetical, that refers to records in a database.
2. the list of features offered on a Website.

an individual who endeavors to build a business selling information. The medium for achieving this end includes, but is not limited to the Internet. For example, it is widely believed that the Internet offers many profit opportunities, however, because it is a relatively new media, companies are uncertain as to how to tap this vast market. An infopreneur with specific knowledge of Internet marketing might offer any of a number of services such as consulting, classes, manuals, etc. to help companies with a desire to enter this market.

information superhighway
a popular term used to describe the Internet and virtually all associated computer networks. The term is almost self-explanatory in that information is the main stock in trade of the Internet. The highway or network over which the information travels makes it available to many people. Some feel that the Internet needs closer monitoring by the government while others believe that cyberspace is the last frontier of freedom. It should be interesting to see how these differing opinions influence further development of the medium in the years to come. Enforcing mandates related to the World Wide Web will certainly present challenges because questions of legal jurisdiction, penalties for violations, and enforcement in an ever-expanding global enterprise are almost certain to arise.

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