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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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a popular Internet search engine that utilizes keywords or phrases to seek and locate information on the World Wide Web.

1. to start a system or application
2. to assign a value to a variable for the first time.

inkjet printer
a printer that creates characters and images by spraying fine streams of ink onto paper at high speeds. Inkjet printers are relatively inexpensive and produce high quality text and graphics in both black and white and color.

data entered into a computer from a keyboard, voice recognition software, a mouse, another computer, or data storage device such as a disk or tape.

insertion point
the place on a computer monitor where text or an image will next appear, usually indicated by a flashing cursor.

integrated circuit
also referred to as IC, another name for a chip. An electronic device first developed in the 1950s, made from semiconductor material such as silicon, containing tiny transistors, resistors, diodes, as well as a number of ever improving and shrinking components. In computer lexicon, it is likely one is speaking of the microprocessor or the brain of the computer when making reference to the IC or main integrated circuit. see chip.

a leading semiconductor chip maker, that supplies the computing and communications industries with chips, boards, systems and software that are integral in computers, servers and networking and communications products.

intelligent terminal
a terminal consisting of a computer monitor and keyboard that has the ability to process data using a microprocessor and memory, resulting in the ability to perform special display functions.

a computer that accepts input from a user via a mouse and/or keyboard and returns results immediately. Most modern computers are interactive. A non-interactive application would be one that, once started, would require no human intervention.

an intermediary between two systems, applications or devices. For example, the interface for a particular computer game might be a joystick. The joystick allows the user to interface with the game program, initiate commands, react to prompts, etc.

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