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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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leased line
a telephone line devoted entirely to a network or single computer connection.

(light emitting diode) a device that emits light (usually red) when an electrical current is passed through it. LEDs last for a long time, however, require more power than LCDs.

left click
to press the left mouse button. This often initiates a command and can be the equivalent of pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

left justify
to orient text so it conforms to a horizontal margin on the left side of a document.

applications and data, usually running on mainframe computers, that have been in existence for a long time. Often it is difficult to phase out legacy system data because subsequent applications have been written using the legacy material.

an agreement whereby a user, usually for a fee, is granted permission to use copyrighted or proprietary materials such as software. Users of most retail software applications agree to a limited-use licensing arrangement when installing the program.

light pen
a computer input device that acts somewhat like a mouse. A user points a wand or pen at the monitor and the computer responds to commands sensed from the emission of light from the device. Light pens are rare in modern computing due to the popularity of the mouse. Light pens are sometimes used in casinos to mark numbers in computerized Keno games.

1. a connection device such as a cable, used to link two or more hardware components.
2. an isolated statement within a program.
3. a horizontal or vertical arrangement of words, characters, or images in a document.

1. to attach.
2. on the World Wide Web, a link refers to a line of text or an image on a Web page, that when clicked with a mouse, provides a connection to another page within the site or a connection to an entirely different Website. see hyperlink, hypertext.

pronounced lee - nux, a free, UNIX-compatible operating system, developed by Linus Torvalds that runs easily on Personal Computers and Macintosh.

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