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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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a free Microsoft program conveniently placed on a Web page that allows a Website manager to create a client database and communicate directly with customers by sending them email messages with product announcements, newsletters and special offers. ListBot can be used for the initial gathering of customers and direct email marketing. For example, customers requesting an ezine from a Website will sign up with ListBot. The database is automatically maintained by the service, allowing the Webmaster to mail the publication to all subscribers with ease.

a virtual reality program that expands the capabilities of Netscape Navigator 3.0 allowing users to experience enhanced sounds, sights, music, and animation.

to transfer data from one source to another. On the World Wide Web, a Web page is said to be loading during the time it takes to get from the server to your browser. Often, large image files prolong loading time.

local-area network
(LAN) a group of computers linked together in close proximity such as a building, a suite of offices, or even a single room. Due to the limited size of the network, data is usually transferred rapidly. This arrangement is useful in business for the sharing of information.

local-area wireless network
(LAWN) a type of local-area network that transfers data using high frequency radio transmission instead of telephone wires.

to guard a file, program, program component, or some other piece of data from modification by users who have access to the data at the same time.

as a verb, to record information in some logical fashion. Used as a noun, a record of recorded information.

log on
(log in) to connect to a computer; to begin a session, or to connect to a network. Usually, there are a series of required functions, often including the entering of a password that must be completed to log on to the Internet. Fortunately, these functions may be set one time (a password may be retained and called up automatically at the start of each session), and kept as a file by your Web browser, so the process is easy each time.

log out
(log off) to end a computer or Internet session by closing the appropriate files and programs.

look and feel
the general impression a user comes to associate with using a particular software product. This is based on the program’s features, style, ease of use, and a number of other considerations. We are beginning to see software developers make claims to particular look and feel attributes as exclusive, and therefore, subject to protection under certain laws such as copyright and trademark statutes.

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