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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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raster image processor
(RIP) components made up of hardware and software that combine to convert a vector image into a bitmapped image. Inkjet and laser printers are raster image processors.

to transform a graphical image into a bitmap so that it fits the shape and size of a raster output device such as a printer.

raw data
computer input that has not been organized, categorized or formatted.

ray tracing
a complex technical process whereby a graphical image is enhanced and made to appear more realistic by incorporating shading, shadow, and color. This is accomplished by simulating the way light plays on individual components of the image. Ray tracing software requires a great deal of memory and processing resources and often takes several hours to produce the end effect.

(Rambus Dynamic Random-Access Memory) a high speed memory chip developed by Rambus that can function up to six times faster than Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (SDRAM). see SDRAM.

to access stored data, usually by transferring it from one of many storage media such as magnetic tape or floppy disk, to a hard disk for display or processing.

data recording and storage media such as a floppy disk or CD-RW, that allows a user to access information (read) and record/store information (write).

readme file
information contained in a software program that was not part of the users manual, usually an update, improvement, a recent development, or feature.

recorded computer data that is recorded and cannot be changed. Operating systems contain many read-only files.

read-only memory
(ROM) permanently recorded computer memory. see ROM.

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