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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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real estate
a slang expression that refers to the physical space on a desktop, or computer desktop space. In programming, the hard disk or chip memory space available for data input.

real time
also realtime, 1. live online communications. The term refers to several types of information transmissions. For example, real time chat programs provide users with a medium to communicate live by typing messages back and forth. Real time stock quotes give users individual live stock quotes as they change throughout the trading day. Stock quotes can be “snapshot” or “streaming.” Streaming real time quotes change on the user’s monitor as they change on the exchange trading floor. Snapshot quotes are real at the time they are downloaded, but must be refreshed manually for subsequent updates.
2. immediate response to an input command by a computer. Most operating systems can take several seconds to minutes to respond to commands, thus do not respond in real time.

real time chat
a program that provides a live online forum for users to communicate by typing messages to each other. ICQ and Microsoft Messenger Service are real time chat programs.

real time clock
a battery operated clock inside a computer that runs even when the computer is turned off.

a proprietary plug-in application developed by RealNetworks, included with both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer (in addition to being freely available for downloading on numerous Websites) that allows users to play FM quality stereo music online in real time. Previously, a user would need to download an audio file (a time consuming process) and have an audio card installed, providing them with the ability to play the file back.

a program developed by RealNetworks allowing users to experience streaming real time video online.

to restart a computer for any number of reasons. Some computers have a reset switch, others will reboot using a series of key commands such as, Control, Alt, Delete and choosing to restart the computer when prompted.

rebuild Desktop
a housecleaning operation for the Macintosh that clears the computer’s memory of obsolete data, thus improving performance. To rebuild the Desktop, a user holds down the Command and Option Keys while booting. The computer will ask the user if she wants to proceed, if so instructed, the computer will then clear the unnecessary data.

reciprocal link
a hyperlink placed on a Web page in exchange for a link on another page. In an effort to increase site traffic, Web managers with similar, but usually not competitive goals, do each other the favor of providing reciprocal links.

a set of data components comprised of fields, that make up a file. For example, a word processing document might contain text and graphs. The text would be included in one field, and the graphs in another.

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