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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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also referred to as destination, the program, file or final location for computer data that is being transferred or copied. Target is the opposite of source.

refers to the particular function being performed by a software application.

in Windows, the panel on the bottom of a display monitor that contains icons, beginning with the Start button on the far left, that provides shortcuts to opening selected applications. The taskbar also displays the symbols representing folders, programs, and/or files that are presently open. It is also home for the volume control and displays the current time. Clicking on an item in the taskbar brings that item to the foreground.

(Transmission Control Protocol) the reliable transport protocol within the TCP/IP protocol suite. TCP ensures that all data arrive accurately and 100% intact at the other end. TCP's unreliable counterpart is UDP, which is used for streaming media, VoIP and videoconferencing.

(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) a standard protocol that allows computers to process and display information such as Web pages and email that originate in the various networks that comprise the Internet.

(Time Division Multiple Access) a satellite and cellular phone technology that interleaves multiple digital signals onto a single high-speed channel. For cellular, TDMA triples the capacity of the original analog method (FDMA). It divides each channel into three subchannels providing service to three users instead of one.

sometimes called groupware, software that lets individuals separated geographically work on the same project. The Internet is usually what links participants to each other.

technical support
assistance provided by the manufacturer of both hardware and software. It is also a service provided by ISPs, online service providers, and Web hosting companies. Technical support may be offered by telephone, via an online chat program, by email, or by snail mail. Support personnel answer questions of all varieties such as, “How do I set up this equipment?” to “Where is the on switch for my new computer?” The popularity and success of many companies offering computer-related products and services is often directly related to the quality of technical support they offer.

a popular term originating in the 1970s used to describe working from home with the use of electronic devices such as a fax, computer, modem and telephone.

a meeting of individuals separated geographically, using telephone as well as audio and/or video connections provided by a private network or the Internet.

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