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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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television board
an expansion board that allows a computer and monitor to act as a television. Some allow a user to place a small TV picture in a corner of the monitor screen while using the computer for other work. A television board might also be called a TV card.

a program that allows a user to log onto a remote server or host. For example, if you were away from home, and connecting to your ISP required a long distance call, you could use telnet to connect and avoid the charges. You would need a user name and password and would have access to services normally offered by your home ISP such as email.

a model or pattern. The word is used to describe several functions with regard to software applications and graphical layout. For example, in a word processing application, a template might refer to a style sheet, in that the layout for a document is set before beginning work. Entering information into pre-set fields is all that is necessary to create the framework for the document. The same could apply to entering information into a spreadsheet. In graphic or Website design, a template might be used to maintain a uniform theme throughout the creation.

approximately one trillion bytes.

hardware consisting of a keyboard and display screen allowing a user to communicate with a computer either through normal cable connections or by a network. see dumb terminal, smart terminal.

Texas Instruments
a global semiconductor company and the world’s leading designer and supplier of digital signal processors and analog integrated circuits, the engines driving the digitization of electronics. These two types of semiconductor products work together in digital electronic devices such as digital cellular phones. In 1958, Jack Kilby, a researcher for Texas Instruments, developed the first integrated circuit. In 1967 the company introduced the first hand-held electronic calculator.

characters, numerals and symbols that make up sentences and paragraphs.

text box
a designated area within a software program or Web page where a user may enter text.

text file
a file containing primarily text. A word processing document however, is usually not simply a text file. Word processing files are different because they incorporate items such as boldface and italic characters, margins, underlined words, and many other variables that set them apart them from text files. A true text file is one where the sentences have no special characters or uniformity such as margins or columns. Some word processing programs allow a user to save documents in a “text only” or an ASCII format, allowing for easy uploading and downloading to others.

text wrap
also called text flow, a feature supported by many word processing programs allowing a user to enter text around a picture, clipart or other image placed on the page.

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