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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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an HTML abbreviation used to signify a link to another document or an anchor. see HTML.

A/B switch
a two-way switch used for parallel or serial port cables. An A/B switch may be used to connect two devices such as printers or modems to the same computer. Care must be taken to use only the devices that are actually connected at any one time.

to cancel a command.

Abort, Retry, Fail?
a DOS error message displayed when a disk is unreadable. Each of these words gives the user the option to continue as indicated.

absolute address
a fixed location or address in a computer’s memory.

absolute URL
a URL that contains the entire address identifying the machine, directory and file.

a summary of a file or document.

a hardware device such as a card, that makes an operation, run faster. Without the device, the computer’s microprocessor would be the sole operator of the function.

acceptable use policy
the terms and conditions of use for Internet providers, interactive Websites, and networks which must be agreed upon before the user is granted access to the service. Among the conditions of use can be found privacy policies, email policies, courtesy standards, and other parameters the provider deems appropriate for users of the service. Users must agree to the terms or they are denied access to services.

access point
a base station in a wireless LAN. Access points are typically stand-alone devices that plug into an Ethernet hub or switch. Like a cellular phone system, users can roam around with their mobile devices and be handed off from one access point to the other.

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