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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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short or prefix for electronic.

Easter egg
a hidden surprise buried in a program or within a Website. In some instances, after executing a tricky series of commands, the user might find a funny message or the names of the programming team. On a Website an Easter egg might be an unusual game or a free offer of some sort.

a book available for downloading to a computer via the Internet. Stephen King recently made Riding The Bullet, a short horror novel, available free on In some cases, special software such as Adobe Acrobat is required to accommodate the material. The possibilities with e-books are enormous as information requiring periodic updating (such as college textbooks) could be easily published online and downloaded by students as needed.

a proprietary online system of payment offered by the Mark Twain Bank where a user first deposits money with the bank and then, using software provided by Mark Twain, may make purchases online, debiting the account accordingly.

short for electronic commerce. A business that offers goods and services, as well as having the ability to accept payment for them, online. Many conventional brick and mortar companies are presently scrambling to establish an online presence and capitalize on the hoopla associated with being an e-business.

(Extended Capabilities Port) a kind of parallel port for PCs that allows for rapid bi-directional communications with devices such as a printer.

the use of Internet resources by corporate headhunters to locate, evaluate, and hire individuals.

(Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution) an enhancement to the GSM and TDMA wireless communications systems that increases data throughput to 384 Kbps.

(Electronic Data Interchange) the exchange of information between two or more companies with mutual interests over a network.

to make changes in a file using one or more of the edit features available in an application.

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