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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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short for gigabyte.

garbage collection
unwanted, unused, or otherwise useless or dated information cluttering up disk space.

garbage in garbage out
(GIGO) a somewhat dated phrase meaning the conclusion reached by a computer can only be as good as the quality of the data that was used to reach the conclusion.

a link between two different types of otherwise incompatible networks allowing users the benefits of both.

Gateway Inc.
a direct marketer of personal computers and related products and services. Gateway develops, manufactures, markets, and supports a broad line of desktop and portable PCs, servers and workstations used by individuals, families, businesses, government agencies and educational institutions.

short for gigabyte.

when written with a lowercase b, short for gigabits per second.

when written with an uppercase B, short for GigaBytes per second.

short for computer geek. A term used to describe an individual, usually male, with an inordinate enthusiasm for computers and software, who sometimes neglects other routine activities of daily living such as eating and bathing.

short for gigahertz.

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