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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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a programming language developed by Bell Laboratories in the 1970s.

(C Sharp) An object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that is based on C++ with elements from Visual Basic and Java. Like Java, C# provides automatic garbage collection, whereas traditional C and C++ do not. C# is a Microsoft .NET language and uses the Common Language Runtime (CLR) for program execution. It is expected to become the major programming language for the .NET environment. C# has also been standardized by ECMA.

a graphics oriented programming language developed in the 1980s.

cable modem
a modem that sends and receives data over television cable lines. Cable modems typically transmit data faster than telephone connections.

can be used as a noun or a verb. As a noun, a data storage reserve where information may be held and called up quickly. As a verb, cache means to store data temporarily until it is called upon by a user. Web browsers cache pages so they do not need to be downloaded from the Internet each time you access the page. Cached data is stored temporarily in a computer’s main memory or a specially designated memory storage space within the microprocessor.

(Computer Aided Design) the use of both hardware and software for design work such as architecture as well as a wide variety of engineering functions. CAD applications are used to generate three-dimensional images.

camera ready
desktop publishing documents that are ready for the printer.

to completely halt a command. The cancel button appearing at the bottom of most dialog boxes (Windows) makes it difficult to make an error because you can easily back out of a function by clicking on it.

a program left running on a Web server that automatically deletes messages on newsgroups and message boards. A cancelbot application is often used to filter out spam. see spam.

short for capital or uppercase letters such as these: CAPS. Sending email or posting online in a public forum such as a news group or message board in all caps is considered to be shouting and rude. It also makes the message hard to read. see uppercase.

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