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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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short for kilobyte.

is a program that allows users to share media files. The company that developed it was sued in a copyright infringement case. An Australian company, Sharman Networks Ltd., has bought parts of KaZaa BV, the company responsible for the program, including the program itself. Many of the world's largest recording, music publishing and motion picture companies have sued KaZaa, MusicCity and Grokster, saying the network allows mass music and movie piracy. KaZaa had stopped all downloads of the program, but since its purchase, the new owners reopened KaZaa to the public.

(KiloBytes per second) is used as a rating of relatively slow transmission speed. KBps or KB/s would be used for earlier disk and tape transfer ratings as data are transferred in parallel, not serial.

(Kilobits per second) the standard measurement for the transfer of data via a modem.

a file transfer protocol developed and freely distributed by Columbia University. Kermit is noted for accuracy but not speed.

(sometimes spelled kernal) the central component of an operating system, responsible for disk, memory, task and process management.

adjusting the space between characters in a word, a line of text, or an entire document to allow the text to align or fit properly. This is accomplished by placing characters closer together or farther apart.

1. a keyboard button containing a character, numeral or special command.
2. a password for access to encrypted data or one used to gain entry to a subscriber Website or a private network.

key pal
a term describing an online correspondence buddy contacted either by email, or through a chat forum.

the input device resembling typewriter keys used to enter data into a computer. The keyboard contains the individual letters of the alphabet, numerals and a host of special command or function keys.

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