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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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(Quarter-inch Cartridge) a popular type of backup data storage that uses magnetic tape.

(Quality Of Service) a defined level of performance in a data communications system. For example, to ensure that realtime voice and video are delivered without annoying blips, a guarantee of bandwidth is required. The plain old telephone system (POTS) has delivered the highest quality of service for years, because there is a dedicated channel between parties.

a question, usually one presented to a database or search engine to find a file, Web page, product or service.

pronounced “Q” a waiting line where elements of many varieties are sorted and are waiting to be processed. For example, a number of printing jobs may be “queued up” waiting to be printed. The printer takes a single document at a time and prints it.

Macintosh graphic control language used to create, display and manipulate graphical images.

part of the Macintosh operating system used for the display of video and animation that requires a special QuickTime driver. QuickTime is available for PC users by downloading the Windows plug-in.

QuickTime VR
(QuickTime Virtual Reality) an upgraded version of QuickTime developed by Apple that allows users to experience 3D photographs and other graphical images using a mouse to zoom in and out, rotate and otherwise manipulate a wide variety of shapes and forms.

to exit an application by properly saving work and shutting it down.

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