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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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sometimes called hang time. A delay or waiting period encountered while a computer processes data or a Web page loads onto a browser.

see Local Area Network.

a document with horizontal orientation. In other words, the page is wider than it is tall. Landscape orientation is opposite of Portrait.

a portable computer small enough to sit on the user’s lap. It has a pop-up screen and is powered by batteries. Laptop computers are popular for travelers as evidenced by the many fee-for-service docking stations appearing in airports. These service centers provide plug-in power, printers, and dial-up connections for getting online.

laser printer
a printer known for its output of high quality documents. The device uses a laser beam that produces an image on a drum while changing the drum’s electrical charge. The drum rolls through a supply of toner and adheres to the cylinder’s charged portion. Toner is then transferred to paper to produce the document. Most laser printers come with a wide variety of internal fonts and are known for their high resolution.

a tool in many graphics programs that isolates an area allowing the user to make changes. It is used by dragging the mouse cursor freehand around the border of the designated area.

similar to lag, latency refers to elapsed time while waiting for a computer function. In network functions, latency is the time it takes for data to travel from the source to the destination.

1. to start up a software program.
2. the premiere of a new Website. High profile Websites with generous start-up budgets can turn a launch into a major media event to attract attention to the company.

(Liquid Crystal Display) a power and space-efficient type of display used on many clocks, calculators, and laptop computers.

(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) a protocol used to access a directory listing. LDAP support is being implemented in Web browsers and e-mail programs, which can query an LDAP-compliant directory. It is expected that LDAP will provide a common method for searching e-mail addresses on the Internet, eventually leading to a global white pages. LDAP is a sibling protocol to HTTP and FTP and uses the ldap:// prefix in its URL.

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