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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, the Internet body that was responsible for managing Internet addresses, domain names and protocol parameters. It has been superseded by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which was formed in 1998.

(International Business Machines) in 1981 introduced the IBM Personal Computer which provided the spark for the home-computer revolution. Additionally, IBM provides customer solutions through the use of advanced information technology. These solutions include technologies, systems, products, services, software and financing.

(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit, international association founded in 1998 and incorporated in the U.S. It is the successor to IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), which manages Internet addresses, domain names and the huge number of parameters associated with Internet protocols (port numbers, router protocols, multicast addresses, etc.). ICANN provides a list of accredited registrars.

(Internet Control Message Protocol) a TCP/IP protocol used to send error and control messages. For example, a router uses ICMP to notify the sender that its destination node is not available. A ping utility sends ICMP echo requests to verify the existence of an IP address.

a small picture or image representing a program or file. An icon might also be the logo for a software manufacturer or one of its products. Many computer users set up their desktops with icons that represent shortcuts to opening programs or functions. see graphical user interface, shortcut.

(I Seek You) a popular free Internet chat program that alerts members as to the online presence of other ICQ subscribers and allows them to chat, send messages, files, URL’s and play games. A user must download ICQ software and register before using the program.

(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York, A membership organization that includes engineers, scientists and students in electronics and allied fields. Founded in 1963, it has more than 360,000 individual members in more than 150 countries and is involved with setting standards for computers and communications.

IEEE 1394
see FireWire

Internet Engineering Task Force (c/o Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), Reston, VA, Founded in 1986, the IETF is a non-membership, open, voluntary standards organization dedicated to identifying problems and opportunities in IP data networks and proposing technical solutions to the Internet community.

(Internet Information Services) Microsoft's Web server. IIS runs under the server versions of NT, 2000 and 2003, adding full HTTP capability to the Windows operating system. Formerly known as "Internet Information Server," IIS is also available for the Windows 2000 client version.

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