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Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms

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utility software that protects a computer from viruses by running a system check periodically or each time the computer boots.

value-added reseller
an individual or company that buys computer components, assembles them, and adds features such as software or additional hardware, then resells the entire unit for more than the sum of the parts.

a slang term used to describe a computer or software program without extra features ( bells and whistles). The term infers that vanilla is considered plain.

a slang expression that refers to software that is announced, and promoted but never makes it to market.

variable pitch
refers to a typesetting style that places characters closer together or farther apart depending on the space available for them. Variable pitch is a method used to ensure that documents are centered and justified.

vector graphics
in contrast to a bitmap, which is figuratively a stored snapshot of a graphic that contains a fixed number of pixels, a type of image that is more versatile in that it can be sized without encountering distortion. Additionally, vector images display better on computer monitors.

a search engine that uses a spider to locate information compiled by Gopher. see Gopher.

vertical alignment
in many word processing programs, a feature that automatically adjusts the space between each line allowing for even space at the top and bottom of the document.

vertical orientation
a document that is taller than it is wide. see portrait.

vertical portal
an entry point to the World Wide Web providing a wide variety of online services. The difference between a vertical portal and a simple portal is specialization. Vertical portals try to cater to the needs and desires of a particular group of consumers or in the case of business-to-business, a particular industry or business group. see b2b, portal.

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